YOU are the expert your child needs to succeed!

Research shows that when PARENTS use speech language strategies, children can make the BEST progress.

Even if your child gets speech therapy, he or she is with a speech therapist for maybe an hour a week. YOU are the model for these skills the rest of the time!

YOU can provide HOURS of practice opportunities per week without changing your daily routine or carving out tons of “play time” in your busy schedule! Even if you work full time!

Language and Feeding Support to Help Your Little One Thrive


The Thriving Toddlers Program

The  Thriving Toddlers Program is designed for parents and caregivers of little ones under the age of 3 who are working toward becoming successful verbal communicators.

  It is a comprehensive video course that you access at your own pace. The course never expires- you have lifetime access to all content!

  Your investment includes a 12 WEEK membership- you can finish the coursework in a weekend if you want, but you'll have access to the Member Community to ask questions and chat with other parents.

  Your membership also includes bi-weekly group Zoom coaching calls! Video chat with Kristi to make the most out of the program.

Let’s work together to nurture successful little talkers!

The Little Eaters Program Graphic

Little Eaters Program

The Little Eaters Program is designed for parents and caregivers of babies and toddlers.

  This comprehensive video course teaches parents how to best support their little one’s feeding skills, from breast and bottle feeding, to transitioning to solids, to limiting the risk of picky eating.

  You have unlimited access to the course and receive PDF guides for quick reference.

Get expert advice about bottles and pacifiers, cups and utensils, and what to do to promote oral motor development.

Learn why this is so important as well as how to promote positive mealtime experiences!

“I loved the personalized support Kristi offers! We were able to send videos of how we used her strategies and get feedback so we knew we were on the right track.”

- Kevin (Reagan’s father)