Parent Coaching is a research-backed method to improve success of babies and toddlers learning to talk!

Working with a speech pathologist is the BEST way to learn skills and strategies for your Little Talker or your Little Eater!

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Kristi Schlessinger M.S. CCC-SLP/ CLC

For years I’ve worked with families in my community to help them help their little ones develop their speech and language or feeding skills.

I’ve met so many parents who were concerned about their child’s skills but were not sure how to help. They often got vague or dismissive information like “just wait and see” or “just talk to your child throughout the day”

I was growing frustrated with the amount of families who were stuck on waitlists, did not “qualify” for speech therapy but needed support, or had some tools to support their child but were not sure how to use them in their super busy lives.

There is SO much information out there, but there's a lot of MISINFORMATION too!

I provide families with research-backed information so they feel confident in their knowledge.

My goal with Little Talkers Little Eaters is to help little ones build the talking and eating skills that they need to succeed...

I didn’t just want to create resources and leave parents to figure out how to use them on their own. I know that the BEST way for maximizing these skills is from parent COACHING, and working TOGETHER to help your child!


The Little Talkers Little Eaters Values


The families I work with have my full support, and I am dedicated to providing assistance that best fits the needs of each family.


My courses and trainings are a team effort! I value each family and know the importance of working together for the best results.


Every family and every child has different interests, values, and lifestyles. I respect all of these differences and use each family’s individuality to help build resources and strategies that will be a good fit.

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 I live in New York with my husband, Mike, and our growing family!

 My younger sister and best friends are also speech-language pathologists!

 I am a vegetarian and have a passion for health and nutrition.

 My favorite place to travel to is Disney World!

 I love reading mystery novels and am always looking for recommendations!

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