Next session begins Fall 2024

Hey there, mama...

If you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or worried about your toddler's speech and language or feeding development..... I can help!

I work directly with parents through individual consultations, coaching programs, and downloadable content to help you support your little one from your own home!

My programs are designed exclusively for parents of babies and toddlers, who want to learn ALL THE TOOLS speech therapists use to help little ones understand better, use more words, improve feeding skills, and stop feeling so frustrated!

Here's the thing...

  • The truth is that, while MOST children do eventually "catch up," untreated speech and language delays can lead to later difficulties with learning!

  • Learning to talk is not a "one size fits all" approach. It takes a personalized, custom method to figure out exactly why your child is struggling with his or her communication skills and to develop a plan of action.

  • It's common to hear "wait and see", however this is actually bad advice, because waiting to intervene means missing out on your child's critical window of development. Research shows us that the earlier we provide support, the better overall our results will be.

  • Pediatric feeding difficulties are SO OFTEN misdiagnosed or mistreated from birth. Pediatricians generally get very little professional training on infant and toddler feeding. Because of this, outdated information or even incorrect information often gets passed to families, and the feeding issue can snowball!

Meet your guide, supporter, and innovative expert through this process...

Hi! I'm Kristi...

Licensed speech pathologist, certified lactation counselor, early childhood specialist, and Mom!

I've worked with families in my community for over a decade, helping them teach their little ones to communicate, eat, and overall... thrive! I've taken my expertise and knowledge and put it into my online courses and programs, because research shows us that parents are the best people to support their little ones skills and development.

Why start now?

We know that the sooner you intervene to help your child, the better/ faster their progress tends to be!

Whether you need lactation/ bottle feeding support for your newborn, strategies for guiding your late talker or picky eater, have concerns about developmental delays, or anything else related to your baby or toddler, NOW is the time to intervene!

I can support you through downloadable resources, interactive courses, and even one-on-one private coaching.

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